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Q & A

ABOUT THE rental

    Is there a minimum stay?
    Yes, we have a three-night minimum stay normally.  However, if your stay immediately precedes or follows another reservation, you can reserve for two or even one night.  There is an additional fee of $250 to allow for the quick turn service.
    So for example, if there is a reservation on the 11th through the 15th of any given month and another reservation beginning on, say,  the 17th, then you would be able to make a reservation for that room for one night on the 16th or 17th  or both nights.  The other example is if there is a reservation checking out on the 15th, you can make a reservation checking in that very day for that room for any period of time.


    When do I have to pay?
    When you make a reservation online, you make the deposit payment at that time.  If your reservation is for less than 60 days out, payment is due in full.  If it’s more than 60 days, then ½ of the payment is due within 10 days and the balance 60 days before arrival.


    Do you have a floor plan??
    Yes, here's the link: http://tour.TruPlace.com/property/598/27762?Branding=0

    What is the Cancellation Policy?
    We don’t like taking your money if you can’t make it.  But most of our reservations are made months in advance and if you’re blocking a date and then cancel, we can only imagine that someone has missed out on staying with us.  So please be sure when you’re making your reservation of your dates because we cannot issue a refund.  The only thing we can do is if you do have to cancel and someone else books all or part of your dates, we are happy to refund whatever money we recover

    Is the deposit refundable?
    Yes, deposit is refunded within three days. The deposit is the last payment you will make out of three and it's paid a week before your arrival. We usually have never had a problem refunding a deposit. If you break something or damage something, just let us know when it happens. It may not be a big deal, may have already been broken, or you may have to pay for it. But let us know if it happens.

    Also you may be eligible to lose your deposit if you have an event we're not aware of or overnight guests that have not been noted.


    What is “the universal mind?
    The universal mind is when the date you would like to reserve remains open for a very long time.  Then, all of a sudden, we may get multiple inquiries for it.  Therefore, unless stated otherwise, we cannot hold any dates until payment is made.


    What is your capacity?
    Our capacity in renting the main house is 20 people.  If you have over 22 people you will be required to take the Enchanted Cottage.   The Enchanted Cottage is an additional fee.  We count children over one years old.   If you have more than 10 children under 18 years old, you are also required to rent the Enchanted Cottage.  Our full capacity is 30 people.  There is an additional fee of $45/per person if you have more than 24 people.



    If I don’t rent the Enchanted Cottage, can someone else rent it?
    Yes.  If you do not rent the Enchanted Cottage there is a possibility that it will be rented to another Guest.  That Guest will not have access to the main building but will share the garden area.

    Do you have parking?
    Yes, the House has free, plentiful, unrestricted, on-street parking. More than likely you will get a spot right in front of the House. Parking is available on both sides of the street. We just ask that you do not park in front of our neighbor’s house.

    Do you allow events?
    We allow corporate retreats, small weddings, small receptions.  If there is something else you are thinking of, please let us know. We really want to work with you, if we are able to. But please be aware that we consider "events" more than 10 people at the House who is not staying overnight. But, again, please contact us for more information.


    Do you provide meals?
    We can provide meals through our fantastic caterer.  Please contact us for more information.


    What amenities do you have?
    All linen is included, along with blow dryers, ironing boards and irons in each room.  We provide soap but bring your own shampoo.  All cooking utensils, plates, bowls, pots, flatware is also included along with spices for cooking.


    Is there a grocery store nearby?
    There are a couple of grocery stores nearby that are accessible by car or bus.  No grocery stores are located within walking distance.  However, you can also order online and have your groceries delivered.  Go to Safeway’s www.Peapod.com. and select your groceries 14 days in advance, schedule a delivery and pay online.

    Where are you located?
    The House is located on 14th Street in an area called "Upper Northwest DC.”  We are not in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle, but we are in a great, safe neighborhood in a quasi-residential area. 


    We are located about four miles from the National Mall and our street is a major corridor into downtown DC.  It’s easy-peasy to get a cab or the bus on our street at any time during the day or evening.  So for those who want to see a different part of DC and for a richer stay and for those who don’t mind taking a little time to get downtown, we are perfect for you.

    The bus stop is directly across the street and the bus comes every seven minutes on weekdays and every 12 minutes on weekends during the busy times (See our bus schedule link under the “Location” tab.  You can actually sit on our front porch and watch for the bus.   The bus will take 10 minutes to get you to Columbia Heights Metro Station or you can stay on the bus and have a direct route to downtown in about 30 minutes. The bus runs from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

    Once in that downtown/Mall area, you'll be right in the middle of all of the sites. Right off of 14th Street is the Washington Monument, National Museum
    of American History, National Museum of Natural History, U.S. Holocaust Museum, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, National Aquarium.

    Going down to the Mall area and heading a little further west, it's a nice walk to WWII Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War
    Veterans Memorial. The furthest point west being the Lincoln Memorial, a 20-minute walk.
    Off of 14th and heading south where the bus will drop you, is about a 15-minute walk to the FDR Memorial, the House's favorite, and the Thomas Jefferson
    Memorial. And to the east a little further from 14th and the Mall area you can hit all of the Smithsonian Museums, i.e., Air and Space, American Indian,
    along the way to the end of the attractions, the U.S. Capitol, that will take you 20 minutes to get there.

    So even though we are not located in walking distance to these attractions, they are all easily accessible via D.C.'s wonderful public transportation system.

    What is the check-in time and how early can I check in?
    Check-in time is 4:00 p.m.  We know there are earlier flights a lot of the times and we don’t want you sitting on the porch waiting until 4:00.  If we can get you in earlier, you’re more than welcome.  Mostly it is dependent on whether housekeeping is finished. Just let us know in advance if you need to come earlier. 

    What is the check-out time?
    Check-out time is 11:30 a.m.

    Do all of your rooms have private baths?
    All of our rooms have private baths with the exception of Hollyhock and Sweet Charity Rooms located on the third floor.  They share a bath that’s in the hallway.

    What size beds do you have?
    Five of our rooms have queen size beds; Wysteria, Uptown, Corleone, Hollywood, Hollyhock and the Innkeeper’s Room.  Four rooms have king size beds: Room with a View, Soho, Down to Earth and the Enchanted Cottage.  Sweet Charity has a full size bed.

    Do you have parking?
    Yes, the House has free, plentiful, unrestricted, on-street parking. More than likely you will get a spot right in front of the House. Parking is available on both sides of the street. We just ask that you do not park in front of our neighbor's house to the right.

    What floors are your rooms located?
    Most of our rooms are on the second and third floor. We have two rooms in the basement, along with our fab kitchen. Our second floor rooms are Uptown, Wysteria, Corleone and Hollywood.  Our third floor rooms are Room with a View, Soho, Sweet Charity and Hollyhock.  The Enchanted Cottage is located 20 feet behind The House.

    Do you have TVs in the Room?      
    All of our rooms have flat screen TVs. We also have cable.

    Do you have WiFi?
    Yes. Wifi network is unencrypted, accessible and free throughout the House.

    Do you accept children?
    Children are welcome and count as part of your total number of guests.  However, the number of children typically cannot exceed 12.

    Are you handicap accessible?
    Unfortunately, we are not. The House is 102 years old and there wasn't an eye towards accessibility then as we have now.

    Is there daily housekeeping services?
    We do not offer daily housekeeping services.  However, if you would like housekeeping we can provide it at an additional charge

    Where is there to eat close by?
    We are in a quasi-residential neighborhood so we don’t have a ton of restaurants nearby.  However, one restaurant we highly recommend is the The Highlands Cafe,  www.HighlandsDC.com. Highlands has received many accolades from our guests and has great food and is reasonably priced. It's about a three-minute walk from the House. They are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday.  Also we have brochures on site for good delivery foods.

    Are there refrigerators in the rooms?
    No, but we do have two refrigerators in our kitchen and a common refrigerator on the second floor in our kitchenette area.

    .Do you accept pets?
    We always accept all service animals. We do accept dogs on a case-by-case basis, mostly depending on size and breed.  Just let us know before you make your reservation if we can accept your dog during your stay.  There is a $25 pet fee.

    Do you have parking?
    Yes, the House has free, plentiful, unrestricted, on-street parking. More than likely you will get a spot right in front of the House. Parking is available
    on both sides of the street. We just ask that you do not park in front of our neighbor's house to the right.

    Location & Transportation
    How far are you from the Metro (subway)?
    The House is located 1.5 miles from the Columbia Heights Metro Station. The Metro station is on the Green Line. The bus is across the street and will get you
    there in 10 minutes. It will take you the same amount of time by bus or car. There is parking at the Columbia Heights Metro Station for about $1.50/hr or $8.00 day. A cab to the Metro would cost about $6.00.   
    Most of our guests catch the bus across the street and just take it directly to the National Mall without transferring to the Metro.

    Should I buy a SmartTrip Card or bus passes?
    The SmartTrip Card is used on the bus and the Metro (subway). It’s like a credit card that you load money on and just swipe it when using public transportation. It cost $5 just to buy the card. More info at http://wmata.com/fares/smartrip/.
    However, we have 25 cards on site that we loan our guests.   Then all you have to do is load your fare on the card and you’re off.  You can load money on your card on the bus or the Metro.  It’s $1.80 to take the bus and the Metro rides vary depending on time of day and distance.  We don’t think it is cost effective to buy Metro or bus passes.  Remember to leave the Metro cards behind because there is a $10 fee charged to your deposit for missing cards.

    How often and how early/late does the bus run?
    On weekdays the bus runs every seven minutes and the bus is across the street. It starts running at 5:00 a.m. on weekdays and stops at 2:00 a.m. On weekends
    it runs every 12 minutes.

    How far are you from The National Mall and Smithsonian Museums?
    The House is about five miles from the National Mall and the Smithsonians and the Memorials. It takes about 20 minutes by car, 30 minutes by public transportation, and it's about a $13 cab ride for one person, higher for multiple people.
    How far are you from Union Station and the U.S. Capitol?
    We are located approximately four miles from Union Station, which is near the Capitol. It's about a 20-minute drive and would take 30 minutes on public
    transportation and about $13 in a cab. The cab will cost more with extra people and luggage.

    How far are you from the White House?
    We are located about four miles from the White House. It's about a 20-minute drive and 30 minutes on public transportation. A cab would cost around $13.00.

    How far are you from Dupont Circle?
    The House is about 3 miles from Dupont Circle. And that is 20 minutes by car and 30 minutes via public transportation.


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