4907 14th Street, NW, WASHINGTON, DC


New Prices

Hooray! Starting July 16, 2012, Lower Prices at The Intown Uptown Inn!

We know you are going to be in a fast-paced city
and on a fast-paced vacation or business trip. So much to do, so
much to see and, yeah, never enough time. So with our lower prices we
are going to be on that fast track with you!

So if you're arriving early, no, prob. Our new self check-in system
allows you to get here and check in earlier than normal and even later
than usual. Your room may not be ready real early, early, but we will
do our best to make sure you get in and get situated as soon as you can
so you can take in all that the city has to offer because there's tons
to see here. You check yourself in when you want and you go! We'll
make sure to leave plenty of info for you so you know exactly how to
roll with DC's great public transportation system.

Now, you will get your best value with a three-day stay. In fact, most
of our rooms require a three-day stay. But if you are staying fewer
days than three days, as long as your reservation is directly adjacent to another
reservation, you're good to go. Confusing? Well, simply check out the availability
chart and if there is not a "3" next to the price, feel free to book it
for one or two nights.


And why eat up all of your calories at breakfast. Our breakfast now
will consist of something light, so you can experience all of the great
diverse restaurants Washington, DC, has to offer without the guilt of
all of your calories already being spent. You pick your time to come
down for breakfast where you can help yourself to coffee/tea, fruit,
bagels and cereal. And for those of you big breakfast folks, because I
know you're out there, head down to our favorite nearby restaurant and
you can take on one of their delicious breakfasts.

We are still offering our discount for cash too. When you get here,
we will take 10% off of the low prices for cash payment.

So if you're booking after July 16 the key things to remember that's
different from our info on the site now is:


  • Lower Prices
  • Self Check-In\
  • Slimmer Breakfast
  • Mostly 3-day Minimum Stays
  • Independent Stay (All information provided in literature)
  • 10% Discount for Cash

This is the new Intown Uptown Inn, an absolutely spectacular setting in an awesome neighborhood. Hope to see you soon!

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